Train the Trainer Program

Metanoia’s TTT is 4-Day engaging experience, which focuses on learning the science and applying the art of facilitation. Participants are introduced to the Ladder of Learning, a concept that facilitates systematic learning through exercises and group work. The program starts with exploring the philosophy of learning and moves on to covering the essentials of execution and post-session evaluation.

Key Learnings
o The philosophy of Training
o Training Design and Delivery
o Handling Audiences
o Evaluating Training Effectiveness

Training Modules DAY-1
o Introduction and overview
o Key concepts, models, tools and skills
o Qualities of a Trainer
o Introduction to Training Need Analysis
o Methodologies of TNA

Training Modules DAY-2
o The Training Mindset
o Linking TNA output with program design
o Learning styles and their limitations
o Instructional design
o Design tips and tricks

Training Modules DAY-3
o A facilitator and a presenter
o Blunders of body language
o Science and art of credible expression
o Four types of audiences
o Team assignments and feedback

Training Modules DAY-4
o Manage different audiences
o Conflicting situations
o Inspire to shift paradigms
o Post-Workshop evaluation
o Participant participations

Investment: Rs. 55,000/- (Exclusive of tax) Per Participant (Minimum No. of Participants – 12)

The cost includes Facilitation and Content charges only. Venue, Stationary, Multimedia and Refreshments to be provided by the Company.

Participants will receive the following:
• Stationary
• Training Manuals
• Participation Certificates
• Achievement Certificates for Successful participants