Service Mindset

Metanoia’s Service Mindset is a 2-Day training program that will provide the participants with the skills and confidence to improve their Customer (Internal & External) handling and changing the Service Mindset according to the company culture and vision. The duration of the program is 16 Hours, which is usually divided into 2 Days, giving 8 Hours on each day. This can be revamped as per the operational constraints of the organization.

By the end of the course, participants will:
o Be able to handle customer complaints in a professional manner
o Be able to handle the disgruntled guests in variety of ways
o Determine the importance of communication and its elements
o Stay connected to the purpose of your job
o Journey from “I” to “We” to “You”
o Easily anticipate the customer needs well in advance

Training Modules DAY-1
o Customer Complaints and Customer Types
o Anticipating Customer Needs
o Communication Skills
o Science and art of credible expression
o Handling disgruntled customers
o The H.E.A.R.T Model
o Verbal and Non Verbal Cues
o Role Play and refresher

Training Modules DAY-2
o Handling Pressures at workplace
o Balance between work and home
o Going-An-Extra Mile concept
o Setting priorities straight
o Acknowledging Un-Sung Heroes
o The Giving Philosophy
o Customer-o-meter concept
o Role Play and refresher

Investment: Rs. 28,000/- (Exclusive of tax) per participant (Minimum No. of Participants – 12)

The cost includes Facilitation and Content charges only. Venue, Stationary, Multimedia and Refreshments to be provided by the Company.

Participants will receive the following:
• Reading Material
• Participation Certificates
• Access to Metanoia Consultation Group for 1 Year