Diversity at Workplace

Metanoia’sDiversity Workshop is a 1-Day training program that will provide the participants the skillset and knowledge to handle Diversity. The workshop will have many activities and group discussions. The participants will be learning different strategies and techniques to handle diversified group of individuals and handle different types of situations.

By the end of the course, participants will:
o Understand what Diversity is and how important it is work in a diversified culture
o Develop the understanding of Stereotypes and Biases and how they develop
o Develop strategies to remove barriers to encourage diversity at workplace
o Understand the importance of Empathy and put it into practice in their routine
o Be able to make Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication their strength
o Be able to identify ways to encourage diversity and discourage discrimination

Course Overview
• Understanding Diversity
• Understanding Stereotypes
• Breaking down the barriers
• Verbal Communication
• Non-Verbal Communication
• Being Proactive
• Coping with Discrimination
• False Allegations and Mediation
• Understanding Anger and Aggression
• Defusing and De-Escalating Strategies
• Empathy and How To Practice It

Investment: Rs. 14,500/- (Exclusive of tax) per Participant(Minimum No. of Participants – 12)

The cost includes Facilitation and Content charges only. Venue, Stationary, Multimedia and Refreshments to be provided by the Company.

Training Delivery The Training will be delivered in the form of Power Point Presentation, Video Cases, Activities and Case Studies. It will be Bi-Lingual, that is, in both English and Urdu.

List of Activities:
• Sinking Ship – Group Activity on Impactful Communication
• Bias or Stereotype
• Unpack Stereotypical Baggage
• Encouraging Inclusion
• Handling Disgruntled Colleagues
• Breathing Exercise
• Rizwan Khan – Group Task on Diversity
• Maria Shamsi– Group Task on Diversity
• Mehwish Gil – Individual Task on Diversity
• Visualization Techniques
• Empathy

Participants will receive the following:
• Reading Material
• Training Manual
• Participation Certificates
• Giveaway Gifts to Top Performers only
• Access to Metanoia Consultation Group for 1 Year