Conflict Management

Metanoia’s “Conflict Management” is a 1-Day training program that will help the participants in resolving Conflicts at the workplace. The participants will experience how it is often healthy to have Conflict.

Conflict is an inevitable part of work. We have all seen situations where people with different goals and needs have clashed, and we have all witnessed the often-intense personal animosity that can result. During this course, the participants will also learn about different strategies and the practical usage of those strategies in professional life.

The course will provide:
o Participants to deal with difficult people in different situations
o Participants to turn arguments into healthy discussions
o Provide interpersonal communication language for managing conflict
o The opportunity to see the bigger picture and create Win-Win situation for all parties
o Offer strategies for dealing with difficult people

Course Overview
o Explain different types of disagreements
o Identify sources of conflict
o Employ communication skills to manage conflicts
o Manage conflict with different types of people
o Study in detail different models and how to implement those in professional life
o Detailed study of Christopher Moore’s Conflict Circle
o The “Thomas-Kilmann Model” for Conflict Resolution
o Emotion VS Objectivity
o Role Play and refresher

Investment: Rs. 14,500/- (Exclusive of tax) per Participant(Minimum No. of Participants – 12)

The cost includes Facilitation and Content charges only. Venue, Stationary, Multimedia and Refreshments to be provided by the Company.

Participants will receive the following:
• Reading Material
• Participation Certificates
• Access to Metanoia Consultation Group for 1 Year